sábado, 21 de dezembro de 2019

     A text is looklike a family, like a weaving, because it express a network. And behind him, there is a story. Like the letters, that make sense interwining themselves, the same with families. 
     We celebrate a story. Interwining above many others. Today we celebrate a love story. Impossible deny this story. And also impossible deny that a love story have an author. 
     Or authors. Dirley e Gislaine. And the families Araujo e Rangel, between anothers. Because before us, there was anothers meetings for making anothers stories, for these and for Those guys. 
     It's impossible deny this story. It's impossible deny its begnnings. It's impossible deny this love. And also it's impossible deny the faith of some of them.
    I am one of the witness. There are many others. Of how a sharp line in time, from the beginning until nowadays, drew a love story, a hard work story, studies story and, how I can say about some of them, a faith story.   
    Delining the bank of a river and always into the fight of the life.  They never feel fear.  Like says a man called John, in a certain letther: "There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear".
     But there wasn't fear, never mind, at the RNA of this family. Another thing that we can't deny. Those guys give his testimony of the history, saying: there is no fear, but courage and determination. 
    Those guys remember very well, from beginning, the looking eyes of that heroes. Smiling looking faces up tender days until now. What do they remember had been ever seen in that faces? Certainly a serious way of seeing the life. Those guys remember.
     We can't deny the faith of that gone heroes. They made ourselves strong in faith. And who makes a way like this, never became scared or coward. Certainly there is also faith in the life, like says Gonzaguinha in the song Never stop your dreams. There are others musics and poetries, yes, because life in general and a story like this we also make with music, poems and some hymns.  
    Someothers, being in Araujo or Rangel family, had either given faith to God. We also can't deny their faith. Those guys knows and says his names. And who have ever seen, tell this history to anothers. By this way was made his family tree, said Those guys.
     It's the way of being authentic in the faith of God. Because sometimes there are no authentic people in faith of God. And others say there is no faith in God, because for them there is no faith whatsover. 
     With authentic faith we may call Rufina or Benedita. Thebano or Antonio. Across the lands, streets and squares, in raillways, like Tula, or in a river, like José Carlos, authentic in their faith. 
     Yes, we yet have music, poems and hymns in this history. In or out the river course. Never out of the course of life, se can find them in cities, neighborhoods everywhere and also inside churches they had stayed. 
      They came eating what had planted on the ground, fished in the river either the sea. Living a love story, a faith history and his life history from these days. How many witnessed this history truelly realize good feelings themselves. 
    There is a very good fragrance in the air. Grace and gratitud. There is a kind of parfum in the air that goodly affect all of us with love. 


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